Stepping up to the Plate

A message from Keith (Vicar)

Thanks for all you do/have done for our church community. This year we are asking you to increase your giving, if possible.

Church finances show that average weekly giving needs to increase by £5 per giver per week, as well as increase the number of people giving under the scheme.

Your help towards this is always appreciated. Thank you.


We are a church for all because “...God so loved the world that he gave his only Son..." (John 3: 16). The world is all of us.

A call to participate in God’s love and provision

Stewardship is a term frequently used to describe regular, planned giving within your local Parish - the act of contributing to the care of God's gifts and community.

Our challenge

Many people are surprised to learn that parish churches like ours do not receive direct funding from the wider Church of England. Instead, we rely on the generosity of regular giving by parishioners. St Michael-in-the-Hamlet Church needs to raise £1356 per week in 2020, to sustain our buildings and clergy, our ministry and mission. 

Over the past few years, however, income has fallen considerably short of expenditure, this has forced us to rely on the generosity of past benefactors by using reserves. However, our reserves have now run out.

To bridge our income gap, and enable our ministry to flourish, we are asking all of our congregation and supporters to think carefully about all we receive from God and prayerfully review their giving.

It goes without saying that, at the same time, our Parochial Church Council (PCC) is working to identify and act on opportunities to reduce our expenditure and make savings, where it will not cause detriment to those who need our support the most. However, with a Grade 1 Listed church to maintain, the challenge is considerable. 

Our Church

Our giving sustains our church building - a sacred place dedicated to worship, prayer, pastoral care and community outreach. It sustains our clergy, here and across our diocese. It also helps our diocese prepare for a sustainable future by training new clergy.

Our giving sustains our ministry, measured in every single:

  • sick person visited
  • confirmation and discipleship course run
  • bereaved family comforted
  • baptism celebrated
  • sermon preached
  • communion celebrated
  • event run, and
  • person shown the love of Christ through our care and compassion

Our giving sustains mission both here in our local community, as well as across the UK and overseas, for people we may never meet but to whom we are able to give comfort and practical support through our ministry.

Our vision

In the coming year we hope to:

  • bridge our income gap challenge; and
  • continue to provide a welcoming and vibrant focal point for the whole community

To do this work, each week we will spend:
£994 on our share of clergy costs: stipend, housing, training, etc

£238 on our buildings: insurance, heat, light, etc
£124 on worship and ministry: for our congregation and the wider community, including the Church Hall

How to give

How do we decide how much we should be contributing? Circumstances are individual and there is no one, easy answer for everyone. There are some very practical things you can do:

  • Increase existing regular giving to help meet our Church’s needs, by
  • Joining the parish giving scheme, joining the weekly envelope scheme, or set up a standing order

  • Optimising your giving through Gift Aid, if you pay tax
  • Making a legacy gift.

But, at the end of the day, how much to give is a thoughtful, prayerful decision only you can make. Love is generous, love is kind and love is selfless - we see that in all God gives to us; how will we respond?

If you would like begin making regular donations, or to increase the donations you already make, you can do so either by completing a parish giving form (and return it to the Treasurer, Carol Cragg) or by setting up a direct payment through your bank for PCC St Michael-in-the-Hamlet , Sort Code: 20-50-82, Account: 80688142

If you have any questions about donations, Parish Giving Scheme, Gift Aid or our envelope scheme, please contact our Treasurer, Carol, on 07745609477 or our Gift Aid Secretary, Dave, at

Leave a legacy through making a will

A gift in your Will can keep our church alive in our community and transform its future!

Writing a Will helps secure the future of the people you love. Leaving a gift in your Will helps secure the future of our church! We could carry out repairs or alterations to our building, work with young people, run courses, reach out to people in need.